A Promise

A Promise
-Alveera Hafeez

The distances are long and lonely,
The beauty of having you solely,
The endurance of missing you in times,
Your emptiness does not rhymes.

You promised that you will return back,
You are just going on a different track,
You did have so many promises to keep,
With you gone I had ruined my sleep.

I kept waiting for you there,
The place which only we share,
Greeting people who went by,
For you I was just a stand by.

All those dreams which your promises knit,
I would imagine all of them whenever I sit,
People asking me whether I would ever leave this place,
How could I leave? This is the place where my love stays.

I achieved my dreams, my goals and everything,
Still my heart lies in those beginnings,
I visit that place everyday, in the hope of your glimpse,
But all I get, is just my heart and eyes getting rinse.

Is the wait worth it or should I leave that promise?
Should I forget every moment with him I miss?
But I am not fake, I love him with all my heart,
I have never done such a treacherous art.

I have been honest always,
My love for you still stays,
But he never returned to the place which was ours,
And I kept waiting for him even in my end hours…


Beautifully written❤️

Thank you❤

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