A poem


What is a poem
Other than words,
All put together
With concern.

For rhyme
And for reason,
To wow all minds
And for pleasing.

Special little words
All strung along,
That reads like a story
And sings like a song.

With line after line
The memories flow,
Thoughts of endearment
That reads really slow.

Theres one set of lines
That are spellbound,
For both of them end
In the same rhyming sound.

So the other two lines
Are mainly for looks,
To fit it all together
And read like a book.

Those four little rows
All sit in a stanza,
Each a given spot
Nothing at random.

Each little word
Each little line,
Each little spot
Each little rhyme.

Each little thought
Each little row,
Each little stanza
And away we go.

It ends in a hurry
When everything is said,
With those last few lines
Right on the head.

For a poem
Is but words,
Rhyming stanzas
Read not heard



Just like a poem
It’s simple, and awesome
@Twisha_Ray nice post :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much

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Thank you so much :hugs:

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