A nurse

Walking through those corridors was definitely spooky,
But there was a wrestle and that opportunity wasn’t flukey.
Unrevealed were the face,
But every one possessed a distinguishing grace.
Leading into a room full of equipments,
Every staff standing there had engrossed commitment.
“She has complications” Clear the way,
The vent came aloud without delay.
Plight came all of a sudden to the segment,
“Omg” Startled I “she is pregnant”.
The operation theatre almost frozed me,
But I didn’t want to move an inch I agree.
In no time was a bellowing cry,
My exhilaration was differently high.
" Hey, grab the birth fast" Summoned someone,
I fastened my steps towards the delicate one.
Those dinky fingers, tiny legs, exquisite lips, intricate nose,
The eyes had a charm of elegance and she gestured of cheerful Meadows.
I wanted to touch and feel but I was on gloves,
It was my first time and I fell in love.
I was carrying the magnificent procreation,
God is so artistic with his creation.
I discern from the best to worse,


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