A note on world disability day

The world we live, the smiles we share and the pain of scars we carry upon make us different but it doesn’t mean that we should be stunted away sometimes by giving separate titles, sometimes by some odd political situations, or even our most proud names be taken by some sighted people who get successful after they do the same and the disabled remains stunted by such means, Hence today on this world disability day let’s discuss the issues that haunt the disabled even in the 21st century-
The first issue that still concerns us is the representation. Many places do allow a singular person of comunity, some allow only certain category and some only ask us to come and not share our efforts. This not only suggests partition, but also misuse of disabled community. What has been resulted that it has made us divided and in such form it has affected roles and models as they are time and again insulted by political means in the social representation and this is what our first concern is to consider the reality of it.
The another issue that troubles is the employment which has not been addressed clearly and as now it is worst case in country for all so it will deepen more in our community. What is the trap obtained by agencies of authorities that they save or reserve seats but they use them for future purposes and only allow half seats of disabled be filled or a single person perception. Not only agencies mislead or misguide us but in certain higher sectors even before the best given performance we are neglected for our rights. Hence this is also a fact to consider where experts of activism has to consider and those who not allow must have to understand we are ‘person’ first and disabled later.
However the issue that is most troubling is the education and it’s not about providing us proper education but helping us get clear the barriers. In this segment the biggest challenge on the ground level on higher education is the scribes who are not available and even the groups who work for them only have 'bank’s which are not functioning as volunteers not come by ease. What’s the case been that in school board level they try to arrange local sighted schools and they do agree to provide scribes but once you go to graduation and face the reality things start to get serious. And the worst field that suffers is the competitive environment where when taken from authorities, quality scribes are not available and finding ourselves also become a challenge. Hence this is one more concern that has to be highlighted and solutions will have to be found.
Lastly in the bigger issue there remains one more and that is respecting the tallent of the diversity in which we live. The problem of the society is that they do not consider us ‘person’ first and only those who have worked with us or have problems of such type in their families are agreeing to work. It is right time as time is changing, problems of political nature are becoming more denty and disability will come if conflict or war come in future and you will have to cooperate4 with us even if they don’t come. Rights is the voice of present and we only ask that you understand us rather than being surprised if we do something right or getting confused in absence of knowledge of braille or JAWS like computer software. Like every community we also have our diversed standards and if you are able to understand the value of it and cooperate rather than sympathise then it will bring a huge difference, so the concern remains of accepting us which has yet to be achieved.
Now coming to close on this great day representing disability, there are various things we can do to sort the problems out. To represent a person who is most able after coming out from the struggle in each field or performing best can be allowed to represent through selection of proper kind. The challenge of employment can be tackled if right adjustment and open oppurtunities of all types in which we are active can be accepted. Scribes can be sort out if screen reader software be used for exams that are taken by authorities in their official computers as we do become able enough and JAWS, NVDA and others can be of great use. And acceptence will only come if this all be achieve with step by step process of change. True it will not come with ease, some issues will become critical, and problems will surface but on this world disability day The only message to all from my side is that ‘keep the contest on’ one day if we are clear in thought, we will win the race, For now it’s cheers from charlie…


brother, first is the issue of their dis ability,
yes the are disable from something, but are special in a lot things.
second, yes their employment is another big thing, because if they can work and earn for themselves, which will not only give them some budget but also, improve their respect in society.

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thanks for ur thoughts…

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