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I have just finished watching a movie called, Into The Wild and I can’t explain what impact it has on me at this very moment and maybe for a long. So, I am here, to write a bit about it.

If you are into travel and want to feel how a raw travelling may feel like, this will be a beautiful watch for you! If you are really into books and think that it’s not the comfort that make the urge in you to read but the need to live, need to survive, need to learn, need to express are all that make you go deep into a book.

It feels different when people are so beyond a social life and feel themselves into the wild; I could feel Alex, I could feel when there was tears in his eyes seeing the wild deers just a few meters away from him! It was priceless!

Alexander Supertramp, the name he gave himself while entering the wild as he was different than before, as he pushed his entire 21 year of life behind him.

He made me believe that a dream whatever it is, must be followed at anytime in life at whatever it takes! He made me believe that only I can make myself happy and nobody else, that I am only responsible for my own happiness. He made me believe that sometimes unknown people can be closer than the known ones. They don’t need any effort, they don’t come with a promise to stay forever, they are not forever, they are just in the moment and that moment only is beautiful enough to keep in heart and words forever.

He made me realize, there is no good or bad days, there are just days that you live, there is days to what you give your everything to!

The fact that he not only learned about his life but the way he influenced every other person he met on his way deserves applause! He is a living example of how a so beautifully presented imperfect life can teach you every tiny lessons of life.

His growing up with a family that is so suffocating made me see once again how important effect an environment has on a child. A bad environment can make you so mentally distorted that all you want is escape, escape from everything that reminds you of the people you know!

At some times I could feel myself with him or in his place; I caught myself in teras with him, I was scared when he was in trouble, I listened to the birds, the river, the wild animals, I met the persons just like him.

I could feel him when he was talking to a apple for being the best thing to him at that moment, for being the only ray of hope; I felt it, I laughed.
He was so beautiful to take my eyes off him when he was quietly reading the books in the forest sitting beside a fire or sitting on a stone beside the sea!

He was beautiful when he talked to the non-living things in a manner that they were talking back! He was beautiful as he smiled at the people helping him towards his journey, he was beautiful when he found the magic bus to live, he was beautiful when he had to put some extra holes on his belt cause hunger left his stomach suffer! He was still beautiful when he was so exhausted, ready for death.

Have I grew so much emotion with him? Yes. Life is too short to have regrets about anything, so he chose his own way of life that is not at all having regrets!
But something that hit my heart was, we all to return to something at a point in life, isn’t it? It doesn’t have to be your own family or own home but something that feels like home! You want to return to someone you can talk to, you share what you have and it broke my heart when he wrote, ‘Happiness is real only when shared’…

He shared something with someone at every point and even in words that will be alive even after him but there was a sign that he wanted to return to something, that he wanted to share his happiness but his soul wanted something else, his soul destined to live into the world!

As he asked, do all the things people crave for a lifetime could give him a death looking at the open sky full of sunshine? Actually the smile in the end worth all the struggles!

I can feel your life, your dreams, your pain, your body, your soul and I am so proud of someone who has the power to sacrifice the comfort to follow the heart.
I grew respect more than love, for you, Christopher Johnson McCandless ( February 12, 1968- August 18, 1992).

Movie name: Into The Wild
Initial release: 21 September 2007 (USA)
Director: Sean Penn


Winderful movie
I watched it 3 times

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Yeah it is! :black_heart:
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