A miserable reply

The sunshine evolved at the mountain top and destroyed all snow
the crying swallow shivering with coldness can still listen to it’s melting wings,
the snow slowly touched it’s soul and spoke in it’s coldest of voice, “i will still be immortal”,
the love never perishes, it takes expectation to realise- even life is mortal".

The diversion needs faith- it needs performance to establish your heart,
the swallow murmered to it’s own body-even the solid bones are ripped apart,
the snow went transparent through its’ love’s perfume and pardoned itself to tuch it’s silky hotness,
it spoke again, “love needs care, even the owner is over-smart”.

The swallow died soon, waiting for it’s counter-part to relive the hotty sensation,
the man standing next clearing the hedge took the conversation as an inspiration,
he felt the melting love in the teritories of unsain paradice, where once he had been a champion
he crossed the boundary and took over the bird and place it as the reward of magnifician.

it took 2 days later, when he received an envelope tied to his loved one’s message
the world went up and down, as he swiftly reached downwards the passage,
the counter part has delivered the snowy letter in it’s own chilly voice, as it lay dead besides it’s lover
the swallows realised the miserable reply, the realisation of the pure love is always hidden in suffer.



thanks a lot yar

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