So I lay down on my bed alone, trying to gather my thoughts and do something useful. My mind moved from one thing to another, not able to decide what exactly to do. I took my mobile and started browsing through random things and my eyes stuck on one article talking about how a teen girl got raped. This triggered my emotions and made me ponder what drives these lunatics to take such a drastic step which devastates the victim’s life. Whatever maybe the reason, I found one thing very common and that’s lust; the sexual urge, the sinful desire of immorality. Conscience takes the back seat and devil drives the person and drives really insane. His mind is totally occupied by the thoughts of satisfy his lustful body. The spirit doesn’t lead him anymore, instead he forsook it.
So he goes out in search of an easy victim. His eyes filled with animalism, his body consumed of lecherousness and he is in no mood to lend an ear to his soul that is trying to stop him from taking a suicidal step. The whole day he roams around but found no one. He heads back home; his mind is still set on his wicked aim. Suddenly his eyes catch the attention of a girl, playing in the street. This girl is the same age of his own daughter but now he looks at her as his target. He coaxes her and takes her to a solitary place where there is no sign of people. The girl now starting to worry asks him why he had taken her there. He tries to entice her initially but to no avail. Failing to lure her, he grabs her brutally and what happens next shattered the life of that little child who was playing with toys a while ago. Never did she know, she would be used as a toy and someone like his father would exploit her so badly.
By the time, this filthy creature (the culprit) comes to his senses, it is too late and his LUST had already won him over.


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