A journey with you ❤️

The way you folded me in your arms became an unforgettable moment of my life.
Yes, it’s true that being in a relationship means to love one other each day and I believe we are learning to fall for each other continuously and lovingly.
Hey, today’s day is really a day of love making. This is something beyond imagination, beyond intimacy, it’s something that is incomparable.
You are one of the wonderful human being I ever met, don’t change ever like my past did. I’ll be the same as I am today, crazy and loving. I want to be with you like hell, want to live like a story of fairy tale. I love fairy tales and I want to create a lovely àdventure of us.
Today I confess that your SMILE made me more happy, your EYES made my world more esthetic, your LIPS filled my destiny love with rainbow, your ACTIONS just showed me how amazing I can be with you, your CRAZINESS made our each meeting more enthusiastic. It’s YOU who made me realize I’m precious. :heart: