A beautiful pain! 💭

I gave up. I gave up on love a long ago.
It’s such a beautiful pain to hold on to. But it never left me, it just stayed like I belong to it.

It gets hard with time you know, the more you smile at the memories you have, the more it breaks you from inside! Yes, crying is known to be a sign of weakness, but I tell you, it’s the strongest thing a person can do. A sound crying without trying to keep it low underneath your blanket or hide into the shower, is the hardest thing possible. Not everyone has the courage to cry. I hide it, I am weak.

I realised people never actually leave, with time they occupy the deepest corner and stays; new layers of people and emotions add up over and over. A single emotion gets hurt even after years and it pains in that corner like the wound is so fresh!

With time I am getting used to it, the pain. I have a deal with it to come with good memories only and not the bad ones.
It will still pain as it said but it will not be out of hate! I can’t hate what I loved once. It agrees.

I gave up on love a long ago, but the love never gave up on me. It keeps me alive with the pain, a beautiful pain.


Fact if life

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Yes, thank you. :heart: @Adithyan_ks

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