6 years of Literary journey feels blissful

When you start any journey, are almost new to the field of your interest, and are able to understand gradually after the beginning that the thing you have done is just a start and there is a long way to go, it surely excites you, and it was same for the author Mr. Pant, when on 23rd of September 2014 his first book titled Affection Never Dies came into existence from Kolkata in India via the publisher that is well known as Power Publishers, and it was his first stride into the writing journey 6 years back on this same day for which he is deeply gratified to all who have till present made his journey beautiful and it is something he is going to cherish for long as an author himself.
Although in these 6 years lot of things have turned out as positives for the author that included his entry into the international community of authors with more works published, the author has now compiled around 123 books that also include 5 Book series, he has been honoured in several platforms with mostly 6 international writing awards, in the year 2020 the review stature has started to blend in with around 69 Indian reviews to his more than 10 books available on Amazon, and to addd more his entry into the global world in print books has also been assured by help of his other author friends, and with anthologies to contribute and honours all around it feels really great to have spent around these 6 years in his riting journey and the author hopes that the momentum should continue for him as an author around.
On this great day to remember, the author would also like to express his gratitude to parents and family, his author team both online and in Mumbai offices, all the publishers around the globe who have helped him become a prominent author from the early days to the present day impressions, all the platforms who have given chances to express are also part of gratitude, And lastly a big thank you note to all the readers around the globe who have spent their valuable time to read his works around, and lets hope from author’s perspective that their love and support would continue and make him a better author.
Thus on the day when 6 years of writing journey has completed, the author feels blissful, purely amazing that how fast these 6 ears have gone by and people have blended in perfectly appreciating, chalenging and inspiring the author to become a bettter one, and the author is sure that this is not the end, there is lot to do, many bridges of challenges stil to pass, lot of new excavations to learn and create, and he is on the march to cover things around, to be on the toes and make sure that more and more continue to come as blessings of all who have been part of this great writing journey, Keep reading, keep supporting and continue to make him a better author, till more such moments come like it is said for now its cheers from charlie…


It is a great motivating post, Sir. We are proud to have you with us. Keep inspiring people like me. :open_hands::heart:

Always great to have such support here.

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