5 years of writing brings smiles

Thinking back, a smile to cover and wondering whether it has happened in past; It does bring a feeling of gratitude, happy motion and hence looking back I can say that there has lot of things happened since I first stepped in realms of writing, approached Power Publishers and Affection Never Dies was released on 23rd of September 2014 to begin my writing journey.
There were many criticism when I first started about my decision to go into this field, many have advised that thhis field may not be the one you should choose as it has many risks, and yet it has helped as well in making of an author who can happily cherish the changes it has surpassed to help become a better one by all these advices.
Such challenges of the past, certain author team mates going in and out due to their own decisions and life’s commotion, and all happening around is something that has become part of my life and though I might not have done gigantic effort all around the world or even in my country, There has still been done a lot and happy moment have brought lot of delight in these years gone by.
What gives me the sense of pleasing to my heart that I enjoy this field and it is my passion for it that drives me to carry on along due to the love and support of those all readers who still want to read, to enjoy and flourish the joy together that makes this journey special in many ways.

Before I go further I want to thank my parents, despite whatever the situations been, they have been with me to support my decision and though writing is a vast field and you require powerful financial and social support still it has been a great journey since I first started publishing my works in the world of creative field.
I am also gratified to all the publishers around India and the world where I have published in these 5 years and I can say that with 119 works on the hand it has been something great to know that they are still willing to publish more, still ready to plan new projects and forgetting their country differences are ready to promote my works across borders which is phenomenal.
I am also gratified to my author team both online and in Mumbai offices and those who have changed their position and gone on to become better are also congratulated for their commitment regarding me in past.
Also my gratitude to the other online portals both in India and Abroad and their support is a great boost, thus it has been a great joy to be part of all such efforts, am happy to say that my family support has been great and let’s see what has to be next in the future rising ahead.

Only one fact I have for myself to consider that I don’t become disconcerted from my efforts, still make myself remembered that it is not the end and only the beginning of what to inspire, and if I am continued with my touch to write, may be I shall go further in the realms of this field called creative writing.
The happiness of Borislav award, Gustav Icalnou medal, the Hersten collar medal, and Best Asian community poet award is blissful and the Primia de excillenta coming soon shall also be fantabulous but it is not the closing of it and I have to do lot in the field of writing for sure in future also.
What is the message to the readers that they keep coming to enjoy the works produced, hope they won’t get bored as My works talley possibly may increase in future, and I am sure we shall make it a great one by everybody’s support for each other.
For now I am feeling peace with world due to the moment of 5 years being complete, thankful to all who have supported and hope they continue, and guys keep enjoying my efforts, till more works and happy momens come it’s cheers from charlie…


Wow… Beautifully you shared your memories with real feelings. Thoroughly enjoyed it :rose:

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thanks so much for such response.

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My pleasure dear, keep up😊

thank u.

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