4 Years of global writing completed

When you have planned something to make your future better, commitments are on the show no matter how much challenges come, and you keep marching on towards your goal with support of those who really want the dream to become big, then things become easy and in last 4 years as an author, it has been same for Mr. Pant as an author where not only people have come across the world to make his writing legacy a dream come true, but by their support the journey has become not only great but a memorable one which he would never forget as an author himself.
In these 4 years to pass, He has been honoured with around 6 international awards, His works have been recognised widely by the review community not only around the world but also in his own nation, The efforts have been added to prominent web portals, website, and governmental platforms, bigger portals are still on the move, and in recent few months his arrival on new social media scenes and having an impact by support of Indian reviewers have made it a more blissful journey which is very close to his heart and he is greatful to all who have made it possible by their financial or social support around.
The author would like to express his gratitude to parents and family, His author team for sure both online and in Mumbai offices, blog and review platforms both in India and around the world, All Asian, European, American and Pacific countries where his ebooks have been listed, and he is deeply gratified to all the publishers who are involved for making his century of books possible by their great support system and he hopes that the golden run through should continue and it would be still on the move with more happy moments to come and make it more larger than ever.
Thus on the day when he is going to complete 4 glorious years of International writing, which started on this same day on 12th of August from arrival of Triple Jimmy with Nick sir, He is delightful to be part of such memories, he hopes that people around the world would continue to share their love as they have done in last 4 years, The traditional publishers would continue to make his collective efforts more glorius, and He hopes that there are more co-authored works to come, more contributions in Anthologies in India and around the globe, and the writing legacy should continue as long as it could be made possible with more glorious efforts, Till more such glorious moments come in future, for now like it is said its cheers from charlie, keep reading, keep supporting and continue to make him a better author, Thank you all…


keep going bro and long live bhai

Thanks bro.