3rd review of Warming fumes

Ernest Dom
Located in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Content writer, reviewer, digital expert

This book is a vivid piece of work by Indian author Saurabh Pant that has nature in its core as a concept and in these grave times the potency and emergency to understand such a concept has become more vital with the challenges looming ahead and recovery to be in its prospect around.
I came to read this work through help of my Thailand reading support system who were extremely pleased with the concept and recommended that I should go on and also review if possible for which I got agreed and I am gratified to Mr. Pant that from India that he has produced such a nice work which has revived the way people used to look at nature and the way they have turned their backs on the same and I would like to present my views further on the same work here.
The Ebook is a great effort in its whole structure, the author has covered the poems well with narrating the topic first and then moving on to the poems related, The photos and pictures related to them are tried with nice gestures, and the way the author has tried to send a message through such a poem collection is a great one to read and its extremely heartening to enjoy such a poetry collection in such times where we need to go back to nature and make sure we save it more than before.
Thus heartiest congratulations Dear Mr. Pant for creating such a work, We in Sri Lanka wish it for its more success not only on Kobo Thailand but in other global stores, a welcome to you whenever you feel free to visit our country and spend some time with our writers, and with hopes that you would continue to create more great works with power of simplicity speaking more powerfully than all other artificial attributes, for now goodluck for the work and best wishes, like it is said its cheers to charlie and all…

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