2nd review of Warming fumes

Jack Carlsten
Located in Dublin, Ireland
Cartoon designer, digital content expert, moderator

This book is a vivid piece of work by Indian visually impaired author Saurabh Pant that is based on natural poetry and it does consider nature as a core theme for which I am gratified to share with Mr. Pant the fact that it was great of him to consider to write the environmental challenge and addressed it thorroly with such source poetry in form of this collection and it has been done with great touches in the book.
The book is well presented with poetry chapters that consider varied types of environmental challenges posing threats to our mother earth today and also it is being considered as a thought process that what may happen if people or humans not get aware of their conditions and not act fast or we will soon face more bigger problems coming to our lives, for which I am glad to read the work and feel elated the way the author has presented the concept in the whole work making sure that multiple factors responsible can be covered, and people must come to know them all around for which this is a great work to read as a poetry collection.
The author is well known across the world for his verse, the cartoons are nicely represented by Priya Verma madam, and Lulu with its great team proficiency has done great work to make this work available, and the poems are nature based representing great style of the Naturalist poetry for which I am happy to read the work and feel joyful the way the work has spanned out and responded across the world written by such a great tallented Indian visually impaired author Mr. Saurabh Pant himself with his team around.
Hence I would recommend this work to all who like to enjoy reading natural poetry with concerns of warming looming ahead in front of us, extremely joyous to go through the work, and Dear author we hope to see more such works by you in future, you are still young and growing and I am sure you will become more skillful but this work is also a great one, till more such great works by your typing skill come in front of us for now as it is said its cheers to charlie and all, thank you for the oppurtunity to review the work…