2nd Review of Den of death

Deng Vu Dye
Located in Taiwan
Professional expert, reviewer and content writer

This book is a vivid piece of work by Indian visually impaired author Saurabh Pant, and the first thing you come to know that it openly speaks about the damage inflicted by such a dangerous disease across the world and it is for many in such ways been an eye opener clearly stating how much affect such Chinese virus has made across the countries and have taken lives in such shorter outspring around the world.
The author is not afraid to choose right words to demonstrate how the virus has made its impact around the developed world, certain European countries are chosen as chapters showing the horer in store while the disease spread across the world, and the way the role of his country for cosmopolitan concerns is shown highlights that he is well aware of the geopolitical scenario going on around the world, hence he has done well along side photos settled by Priya Verma ma’m to make this book a nice one in its own unique style and calibre.
What I like the most about the work that even being a poetry collection, it speaks the volume of the problem faced by the world in form of a disease, the work very clearly states the challenge in front of the world while to protect lives, and even the author has limited topics to cover developing countries, still he has been able to highlight their problems and the way to convince the social strategies for which I like the work and would recommend it to all those who are seriously concerned about this Chinese virus around.
Thus it is a great book of its own kind, Dear author we are waiting it to come soon on Kobo Taiwan for our more readers, I am glad to get the chance to review your work on corona being a poetry collection, and till it comes on the platform mentioned, we are going to enjoy it from other global platforms, keep writing, keep entertaining and hoping for more works in poetry genre by this great author, till more such great effort come, for now like its known to be, its cheers to charlie, Happy reading all…


Great work, indeed. :ok_hand:

Indeed, thanks.