2nd review of Burning asia

Naveen Pandit-
Located in Ravatbhata
Amazon reviewer, Writer and journalist:

This Ebook is a vivid piece of political poetry by Indian visually impaired author Saurabh Pant published in November 2016 and its been greatly enjoyed in last more than 3 years in various digital stores across the globe first of all.
Not only the piece is a unique one but its historic in it’s proliferation for which Burning Asia is a greatly done work for which my best wishes to the whole team behind the work and I am gratified that the author chose such a sensitive field of poetry and did nicely to cover all stuff well.
Further than that the cartoons are well presented by Priya Verma, the distribution power of Lulu around the globe has been well received, and the author has been honoured for the work also in Hirosheema peace memorial museum which shows the intent behind the work and it is a must read for those who have serious interest in the political issues and how to weave them up in poetic form around.
Thus I am humbled to go through the work, glad that I got the chance to review the work, and I expect that this is not the last work in political poetry by author and more would come soon in future, till more such great efforts come, for now like it is said its cheers to charlie, Keep the journey on…


great sir :clap::clap: @saurabhpant94

Thanks for your views and appreciation

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