2 years to Introduction to birds

This book is a vivid piece of essay collection by Indian author Saurabh Pant that was first published back on 11th of March 2018 after its official release and the work is a general survey core on the birds and focuses their safety and conservation in a prosperous light for which the work has been well read across the world and has attracted readers attention towards the same in last 2 year span of its impact in the global market.
The work was first appreciated by the Japanese government in its first year and also the australian governmental official web portal gave their nod to the same, and the work has been well responded not only around the world but also in the Indian circles with official libraries having the review prospect of the work which makes it an exciting one and make the author feel proud the way things have gone for the Ebook in the last 2 years itself.
Generally the work focuses birds in its core nature, each chapter contains around 20 questions and discriptive essay answers follow each question, and the work is exciting not only in context of the birds but also in prospect of their locations and the way nature offer their virtual sighting, thus not only as a research work but also as an extravagance of nature sight and bird watching, the work is a well worth reading and the average reviews of around 4 from all across the world makes it more heartening for the author which shows that not only the work is an exact one to be in the libraries but the readers around the world have liked it and have enjoyed the same in the last 2 years.
Thus on the day when the work has completed 2 years the author is gratified to his parents and family, his author team both online and in mumbai offices, all the bloggers and reviewers for their valuable insights around the world, and all distributers and publishers who have listed the same, and till more such work come the author would like to thrill his readers with gratitude for reading the work and hope that their love would continue to shower his whole entire team, till more such works come for now its cheers from charlie to all…

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