2 years to Decisions of heart

This book is a vivid piece of work by Indian visually impaired author Saurabh Pant that was first published officially after its complete revision on 11th of October 2018 and ever since its arrival on the global scene as an Ebook, it has done a great effect as a romantic poetry collection which is completely unique compared to other works by author that usually focus serious issues and the work has a very unique depth of its own rhythm to settle in which makes it a fine work of its own design by the author himself.
In the last 2 years, the book has influenced many readers not only across India but around the world, the work has average global library rating of 4 from various international platforms, the French reading community enjoyed it a lot and so did the Dutch readers group, and the impact of the work as a romantic poetry colection speaks its volume with its review in the year 2020 also coming on Amazon Indian store and also on Goodreads and many more are still to follow which make this work an impressive one for sure.
Usually in the Ebook, the author has tried a different step of narrative, its a romantic poetry collection on the pangs of love and how a person fallen as a warrior reacts to such situations, and its a life inspiring collection as most of reviewers refer it for wich it has been well loved across the globe and has its own influence and in its own value it sets a nice tone from the beginning chapter to the entire 8 one that folows within the work and hence the day when it is going to complete 2 years of its presence within the international market makes the author feel good about it and he hopes that the influence the work has made should continue around as a work itself.
Thus the author would like to express his gratitude to parents and family, his author team both online and in Mumbai offices, the entire review community with bloggers and reviewers around the globe, the Amazon review team who has come in this year to make the works more impressive, and he hopes that this is not the end and the work would reach more heights, thus making the mark of the 2 year completing of the work the author is joyful and hopes that the love and support around the globe should continue regarding ‘Decisions of heart’, till more such works and more happy moment come for now its cheers from charlie, Happy reading, Thank you all…



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