1st Review of the lives inside mountains

By Hans Kaikovitch
Located in bonne, Germany.
Professional social activist, author and book analyst.

?This book was first published in print as short story collection by Libri Kiado back in December 2018 located in hungry and the work is a great one for those who love to read ghost stories.
Written by a prominent visually impaired author named Saurabh pant from India, it has essence to inspire, have some famous tales to go through, and it is a great work for those who want to explore their world of ghost fiction that will thrill you with ups and downs of lives in certain places across the world that are covered by mountains.
The work has around 25 short stories all depicted in background of certain hills that are known for certain haunted mythology and that is very well covered, the pictures are greatly presented by the Libri Kiado team to cover the stories up, and the entire team’s editorial work is also phenomenal that make it a great work for all we the readers from all across the world.
By all means Dear Mr. pant I am honoured and humbled to review your print work, I have come to know that it’s 2 editions are already out of stock in certain print stores across Balcan areas, and I congratulate you for the success ‘The Lives inside mountains’ have in recent months, Till more such great works by your hands come by My best wishes and keep working for the joy of the creative community, Go well in future at large…



Great. :open_hands: