1st review of Den of Death

Georgie Iscarie
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This book is a vivid piece of work by Indian visually impaired author Saurabh Pant that focuses the current situation into view, presents vital insights that how such dangerous disease got spread around the globe, and is an eye opener regarding the Chinese expansionist policies infecting others into play in context of the Novel Corona virus around the world, and is a strong poetry collection to cover such key global issue in its core value around.
Usually the ebook is divided into various sections, mainly around ten of them and each section contains equal number of poems covering the key nations and also explaining their situations, and there are also images accompanied arranged well with guidance of Priya Verma ma’m which hmakes it an interesting read, and the author has done well to not only cover the key issue through his non-rhythmic and few rhytmic effects but has presented it effectively into the Poetry ebook which make it an effective one and brings equal flavour to the work indeed.
What I like the most about the work that it has not focused the biases towards the west or either towards East, and the comparative essence has been presented well with the developing nations being highlighted well by the poet, and the work has been tried in the light of the disease rather than the polarised political system for which it is a must read and brings great touch the way poems are presented in the entire book and the effort is really appreciated the way it has been created by the author for sure.
Thus I am really glad to read this work, Would like to rate it (4 out of 5) in my personal opinion as a content and cartoon expert, and there could have been more focus on the other developing countries in the work as the book suggests for which I would like the author to be in touch of such theme like Corona disease in future and write more, and Dear Mr. Pant we are really glad that you created this poetry book on Corona disease, till more such efforts come like it is said Its cheers to charlie and Happy writing and best wishes for a golden future ahead…


Great work, Sir. :hugs:

thanks a lot

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