1st review of Burning asia

Arundhati Chaudhary-
Located in New Delhi
Amazon reviewer, artist:

Burning Asia is a must read for all those who want to read political poetry as it help you go through the new concept of Asia and the theme is phenomenal.
What you will be able to find that the author is able to relate new events of Asia with the political set up, has managed to go deep into the structural narrative, and once you go deep into the work, it ignites lot of new learnings for which it can be enjoyed for sure.
Usually the poems are divided into certain set according to countries, the photos accompanied give them nice touch as cartoons created by Priya Verma, and the way all effort is a combine collective structure to give hope to learn new political pillars in the continent make it a great book in its entire process of reading.
Thus congratulations to Saurabh pant and his team for the work, we hope to see more such efforts in field of political poetry by the author in future, and till more such efforts come for now like it is said, its cheers to charlie…"


great @saurabhpant94


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Gratitude, hope you all enjoyed it.

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