1st review of American hegemony in present

Akash Pawar
Located in Shimla, Himanchal Pradesh
Research analyst, professional and political expert

This work is a research efforb by Indian author Saurabh Pant who is also well known for his APA and western research methodology style and the work is based on the political theme ‘hegemony’ for which he has been also affiliated around the globe for writing notes in the same effort before, thus this work that was released on Scribd back in the year 2017 is a generous work of its own design and nature and tries to highlight the political prospects of the wider concept known as Hegemony itself.
Set in the basic background of the concept note defining hegemony, the author has used generous footnotes and has also used bluebook style where-ever required to use it affectively, also the work focuses the current nature, the political uses being put to apply in Hegemony, and has also considered how long the concept like Hegemony would suit to a country like United States with its political supremacy being regularly challenged around the world which makes the work more interesting around.
In the work the author has questioned few previous political designs, has represented annotations on the definitions of various words, has mentioned past incidents of chalenges and has compared them with the current of the 21st century, and has tried to examine that why hegemony like word is politically used where it should not suit the purpose and how it has been defined in the context of United States, which make the research work an impressive one and an accurate one to read for all those who have gone through the same and would serve proper study text in future in the same context as well.
Hence the work is not long but proficient enough to read, I would recommend it for those who like to understand Hegemony in the context of United States, the research is produced in a systematic manner to read through, and the author has tried well to examine the actual hegemony and the way it is associated with United States for which the work can be downloaded from Scribd official website and can be enjoyed, Thus with hoping for more such works in the research field and expecting the author to carry on his writing spirit, I would like to congratulate him and wish him all the best for future, till more such works come for now its cheers to charlie and all…

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