1st review of Affection never dies

Samprat Daas
Located in Durgapur, West Bengal
Content writer, reviewer and digital analyst

This book is a vivid piece of fiction based work by Indian author Saurabh Pant that was first published as his life’s first book back in September 2014 with Power Publishers in India and he with their agreement revised the work back in the year 2019 to release it worldwide on Scribd making the work a well known and impressive one with it being out of stock on Flipkart and well read on kindle on amazon during its first release and people have also enjoyed it on Scribd which makes it a worth read work for sure in its first sight.
The work is generally divided into 10 chapters mostly focusing hill based settlement as a core advantage and being a fictional work of its own science fiction nature the author has focused Nature, Romance and suspense as the core majority in the work to enhance the skills and has tried to focus things that corelate nature with romance; Also as it was his life’s first work at that time the language of the work was bit rough but in its later revised digital edition we ffind it bit systematic although the author has kept the content well managed and at the end of it we are also able to find some awaring content about nature which makes the work a better one of its own design by such a prominent author indeed.
IN the book, the author usually tries to revolve the story around a secret agent who knows how to fight two different set of agencies and the book’s plot is set in the hills where the animal traficking is done with great presentation and this agent is extremely well trained to tackle such norms and with the family trauma and love lost story following in the backdrop the author has been still able to display the beauty of nature and emotions of the imagery writing which makes the work a worth read, and the way things are presented in different ways with science fiction involved in twists make it more interesting for which it is a long read but an impact read work and I am glad to go through the same after reading it on Scribd for which I would like to congratulate the author for the same as well.
What would be my advice to the author in future that when he goes for such fiction then he must also use the writing prompt as a basic mechanism and as the author has depicted scenes to use the imagery of writing thence he could also do well in science fiction to use elementary transformation more effectively, also the author can go for small depictive quotes and shorter threatening dialogues in future when he would try any other such work in the same genre and rest the work is a worth read and a great one to read, thus till more such works by such a great writer come to our read, for now I am happy to go through the same and would advice either to order a print copy from Power publisher or to get the free pdf from Scribd and till more such great effort come like it is said its cheers to charlie and all…

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