1 year to Warming fumes

This book is a vivid piece of work by Indian visually impaired author Saurabh Pant that was published back on 5th of September 2019 from Lulu Publisher Inc located in united States in digital form as an Ebook and ever since its progress in the last 1 year it has made great influence as an environmental poetry collection itself.
The presence of the work in more than 100 digital stores around the world and with availibility in more than 15 languages including European and Asiatic languages show the influence the work has made and the author is deeply gratified to his parents and family, author team both online and in Mumbai offices, all the readers who have given their valuable time to read the work through, and also the reviewers around the world who have shared the work on their digital portals and has confirmed the success of the work in more vibrant essence.
The work is also enjoyed by Indian reviewers for which it has been reviewed by them on Amazon Indian portal, on Kobo Indian portal, on Goodreads, Blogspot and Wordpress, and also on social media platforms including Insta and Facebook for which the author is gratified to all the Indian reviewers as well and feels elated that Indian readers have also come to the party making the work a great one by helping their thoughts come through reading the work and spreading it to more larger platforms around.
Thus on the day when the work has completed 1 year of its presence on the digital calibre, the author feels joyful to all the influence around, hopes that this is not the end and the feedbacks and promotions should continue regarding Warming Fumes, and he congratulates all who have been involved in great success of the Ebook and hopes that they would continue to present their great support, Till more such moments and enviornmental poetry colection come by the author’s finger tips, for now like its said its cheers from charlie, Keep reading, keep supporting and continue to make him a better author around, happy reading all…


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