YoAlfaaz | The Beginning (1.0) [Announcements] (3)

The date is finally here for which the YoAlfaaz Team was preparing for so long. YoAlfaaz brings you an event for Music, Poetry and Storytelling. If you are interested, the instructions/guidelines goes as follows: Yo…

Welcome to YoAlfaaz [Announcements] (1)
Do it when it feels right [English] (1)
Love Story [Urdu (اردو)] (2)
To all those women out there [English] (5)
Pinjra [Hindi (हिंदी)] (5)
दिल बहलता क्यूँ नहीं? [Hindi (हिंदी)] (1)
इतवार की सुबह [Hindi (हिंदी)] (1)
भूल गई 🤷 [Hindi (हिंदी)] (1)
"दुनिया" [Hindi (हिंदी)] (1)
VoteKar [Hindi (हिंदी)] (1)
Kavita e mohabbat [Hindi (हिंदी)] (5)
World Water Day [Hindi (हिंदी)] (6)
A quotation on Computer programming language [English] (1)
Wo humein rone v nhi dete😑 [Hindi (हिंदी)] (1)
Dillagii ❤ [Hindi (हिंदी)] (1)
Bewafa...💕 [Hindi (हिंदी)] (1)
The Ultimatum.....😇 [English] (2)
इश्क़-ए-आलम...❤। [Hindi (हिंदी)] (2)
रफ़ी साहब की दीवानगी...🎤। [Hindi (हिंदी)] (2)
इश्क़ का पहला नज़राना ...। [Hindi (हिंदी)] (2)
One Chance [English] (3)
।।नफ़रत तेरी।। [Hindi (हिंदी)] (3)
He is My Everything [English] (2)
Chaand aur uske chahte waale [Hindi (हिंदी)] (2)
Sachhai [Hindi (हिंदी)] (2)
محبت Love [Urdu (اردو)] (2)
कोरे काग़ज़ पे [Hindi (हिंदी)] (3)
HOLI~The colour I belong to [English] (7)