YoAlfaaz | The Beginning (1.0) [Announcements] (3)

The date is finally here for which the YoAlfaaz Team was preparing for so long. YoAlfaaz brings you an event for Music, Poetry and Storytelling. If you are interested, the instructions/guidelines goes as follows: Yo…

Welcome to YoAlfaaz [Announcements] (1)
Chaand se v kamaal ka rishtaa hai mera 😊 [Hindi (हिंदी)] (2)
Ishq koi gulami nahi [Urdu (اردو)] (4)
Jeene ka ek mauka chahiye [Hindi (हिंदी)] (4)
Tumhara jikar [Hindi (हिंदी)] (3)
Shaam [Hindi (हिंदी)] (3)
Waqt or dard [Hindi (हिंदी)] (3)
आधा-सा [Hindi (हिंदी)] (2)
जिंदगी में तन्हाई...! [Hindi (हिंदी)] (3)
Parting [English] (4)
Absence [English] (4)
The world needs love [English] (2)
उल्फत [Hindi (हिंदी)] (2)
आत्मविश्वास [Hindi (हिंदी)] (2)
चलो मुसाफिर ...। [Hindi (हिंदी)] (3)
Kabhi socha n tha...! [Hindi (हिंदी)] (3)
Special kind of hug [English] (6)
||नफरत || [Hindi (हिंदी)] (2)
Zindagi [Hindi (हिंदी)] (5)
Na Muhbbat rhi na ulfat [Hindi (हिंदी)] (1)
ये फासले [Hindi (हिंदी)] (4)
Tu har pal yaad aata hai [Hindi (हिंदी)] (5)
Aise log bhi hai [Hindi (हिंदी)] (2)
मोहब्बत के मारे [Hindi (हिंदी)] (2)
Whenever It's Late [English] (2)
अश्क-ए-मलाल [Hindi (हिंदी)] (2)
Sach hai [Hindi (हिंदी)] (4)
फिर कहीं खो जाती हूँ [Hindi (हिंदी)] (6)
चरित्र में चमत्कार लेके आओ ...। [Hindi (हिंदी)] (2)